Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remembering my old friend Kool Aid

Ahhh, to be young and thirsty again. As kids growing up back in those days, Kool Aid was the ultimate thirst quencher. Actually, I was more a kid of the seventies, but the allure was all the same.  We could actually not care less about 'damage to teeth and gums.'  Kool Aid was served at every meal and in between. Your mom just couldn't resist. And, as kids, we made mom do it.

I remember those weekly trips to the grocery store. My brother and I could not wait to run down that Kool Aid aisle. There were so many colored packets to choose from. They were only pennies and we always left with at least 10 different flavors. We were not at all interested in shopping for anything else. Except for maybe cereal, but that's a blog for another occasion.

There were many times we opened the packets and downed them like pixie stix. All that colored sugar just settling on your teeth and in your tummy. Back then, summer was all about the Kool Aid adventures. All the neighborhood kids gathered around the 5cent Kool Aid stand with their friends. The plastic Kool Aid pitcher (sold separately) only added to the sugar high. You almost expected it to talk to you just like in the commercials.

Nowadays, I sadly could not even tell you what aisle Kool Aid is kept in or even what flavors it comes in. Thanks to modern medicine/dentistry, we have been conditioned to steer our kids away from such frivolities. Welcome to the 21st century where Kool Aid is no longer cool & sugar-free is a way of life. Where your childhood memories are flushed away with Listerine.

I cannot recall the last time I saw a Kool Aid pitcher or even heard a child utter the words. In fact, my son is 9 years old and come to think of it, has never had Kool Aid. Poor Kool Aid. He is slowly meeting his extinction. Someday he will be resting in peace, along with Fluff and Tang. However, he will not be forgotten.

During his eulogy, I am certain some critic will bring up the good, the bad & the ugly stories. As long as they remember to mention one thing: "Kool Aid. You were so cool that a rap star named himself after you." Wow. That's pretty deep stuff. After all, how many other powdered drink mixes have been immortalized that same way?

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