Saturday, March 12, 2011

a cross on wheels?

Cross on Wheels is not in any way meant to be sacrilegious. Last summer, I was painting so many of these, that I grew bored of them. I was running out of creative juice and didn't have anymore neat ideas popping in my head. Yes, bored. It happens people. Writers suffer writer's block. Painters suffer the painting block. Sometimes, in that bad way. Like, after you have already entered the painting zone & the color(s) are, well, wrong.

Then, you sit there and stare. And you stare some more. Stare long and hard because you don't understand what just happened? The idea was so great in your mind. Then, boom. You observe your work and the words just come out, slowly, directly, "You're ugly."

So, other ideas have to dance around in your head. Holding hands so they won't get lost. Grab your thought process and take full control. Inevitably, you create a miracle. You don't have another choice. And, the end result winds up to be something like this. Shazam, the cross on wheels.

Actually, it looks cool propped up on 'wheels'....which are really only attached wooden balls. But, heck, let the imagination take over. Lay it on a table. On a pile of books. On the toilet lid cover. Any way you put it, it will be a conversation piece....

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