Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Ol' Trunk a Wood

It is vintage. I would say 60's/70's. It is a wooden candle wall sconce. I painted it PG style. And it came out gorgeous. Unfortunately, this photo does not do it justice. I posted it on my site. (

I remember years ago, I had someone tell me they were against painting wood. I agreed, and disagreed.
Here's the thing: Wood makes a great canvas for painting. It is my favorite surface to paint. I say this being that some artists prefer cement, sidewalks, cars, and traditional paper. :-)  Some of the most fabulous pieces I have painted over the years have all been vintage wood. The pieces are already unique in texture and design. The paint colors just make them stand out even more.

However, (and here comes the big but) not all wood is made to painted. There are many different woods and many of them deserve to remain in their natural glory. In fact, they look beautiful in the tree phase. 
It can be painted, varnished, stained, white washed, carved, molded, you name it. 

Wood is one of the earth's most precious elements to me. It has given us cabins & homes, garages, roofs, boxes, furniture, cabinets, doors, picture frames, and the list goes on....... 

I honor wood by painting it. Providing it with yet, another level of beauty. Agreeing all the way that it is breath taking in it's natural splendor. Yet, arguing that it is sexier in a poppy shade of red.
I'm so pretty.

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