Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Love Love Love Lucy

She was the epitome of talent. Hilarious beyond words, yet exuded all the class of the fine actress she was. Then, of course, throw in the red hair & lips, the cat eye glasses, & the pearls. The full skirt dresses and sweaters that, to this day I scour thrift shops and rummage sales for. You now had a fashion icon & sex symbol all in one package.

Lucy could make you laugh. She could make you cry. She can still make you laugh so hard that you do cry.  The reruns are great therapy on those downer days. To me, they remain escapism at it's highest form. There is something so grounding in watching those episodes, knowing that televisions funniest woman back then, had a life full of everyday dilemmas like the rest of us.

It has been documented through Lucy's testimony, that life with 'Ricky Ricardo' was no picnic off screen. Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball had their fair share of family drama. I recall interviews where she spoke of her failed marriage to Desi, and shared some deep feelings of resentment  towards him.

Despite all of it, Lucy was a trooper. A true pioneer of her time. She made it acceptable to (fashionably) continue working throughout a pregnancy. She was one of televisions greatest working moms, who often took her kids with her 'to the office.' She subsequently continued on with the Lucy Show, after the original sitcom had already ended.

The world loved Lucy then and still does now. Generations to come will continue to get a kick out of vitameatavegamin, conveyor belt chocolates, and good old fashioned wine making. I love those episodes just as much as the next guy. Yet, my favorite one has to be when Lucy announces that she is going to have a baby.....and, you can just feel that raw emotion right through your tv screen.

Yes, Lucy made us laugh. She made us cry.  She has left her red mark on us and we will always remember her for that. The pioneer. The glamorous lady, who made it lady like to be funny. Thank you Lucy. We love you.

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