Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet the lovely LuLu

My Bosty. She is Hollywood gorgeous and picture perfect. Three years ago, when she came into our lives, I was not so sure I would (or could) get used to the idea of having a pet around. That three years, now seems like forever ago. That thought process, is alien to me. Wow, did I really feel that way? Not a single night goes by that my sleep is not interrupted and my blankets are not hogged. LuLu's my little friend. It's official. Yet, what else is official, is that she has a best friend named Mr. Meemers. He is our midnight black, rescued feline. They nap together and 'love bite' one another. 
All I can say is animals make you see the world differently. With that said, anyone out there contemplating a pet Bosty, or any other furry one......follow your heart. Go for it. 
And, remember. You only live once.

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