Monday, March 14, 2011

once upon a chandelier.

Once upon a time, I bought a house that came with a standard light fixture. It was a cast iron replica.
Over a Labor day weekend, I had painted the entire fixture white and had left it that way for a long time. I was never sure what I was going to do with it. After all, I had other projects I was working on. I proceeded to paint the kitchen garnet red. This color made the white chandelier stand out even more. It was very pretty indeed. Just too simple & plain for me.

So, one day I venture off to visit with my friend Dorothy. She had told me of a 'surprise' that she wanted to share with me. Something magnificent she had done in her dining area. I was not sure what to expect. Oh my heavens. When I arrived, I was greeted by the prettiest multi-colored chandelier. I was in awe of this thing hanging over us, flaunting it's beauty everywhere. It was acrylic and had so many colors. I could not stop staring at it.

I went home and obsessed over owning that chandelier. I think I even lost a little sleep at night...hahaha. Until one day, an idea came to me. The light bulb did not only go off, it exploded. I decided I didn't want to have the same exact chandelier, being that it was Dorothy's awesome centerpiece. (She actually didn't mind & had offered to get one for me.) However, I needed to come up with something of my own.

I set off to create my own meaningful masterpiece. And, voila! This happened! Can you believe your very eyes?

To this day, I just love this chandelier. I created this, along with my son who was 6 years old at the time. We would come home every night and work on it together. It took us an entire month to complete. Yet, it was so worth it and so much fun to make.

So, thank you Miss Dorothy, for your impeccable taste & bringing that inspiration chandelier into our lives.

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  1. OMG! Ahh... Hey I came across your site and lo and behold much to my amazement saw this!!It put a huge smile on my face:-))..Yes, for anyone reading this,I do recall,a few years ago, smackhippie was just awestruck over my own chandelier and it inspired her to re-incarnate her own interpretation with an existing one that hangs over her dining table.Its a sight for sore eyes:-))so beautiful!! It goes to show how creative one can get....however, if you need just a little bit of help, do connect with smackhippie! She will even design & make one just for U!!! Smackhippie has many funny stories to share so bookmark this site and start your day by reading some of her "dailies". U will put a smile on your face:-).