Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pahrump, NV

This past weekend, I drove out to Pahrump. As we Las Vegans put it: over the hump, to Pahrump. I have acquired some of my best vintage pieces over that hump. Such a quaint town and worth the 45 minute drive.

Driving there is majestic, as you enter the beauty of Red Rock Canyon. Sharing the road with other motorists and cyclists, in awe of the same view as yourself. If you are really lucky, you will see Burros amongst the desert cactus. It is known that climbers from all over the world, travel to Red Rock for their sport. Personally, I enjoy driving out there and watching them climb. They look like small bugs up against those red rock formations.....

I look forward to spending more time in Pahrump this summer. Great thrifting. And, of course, I must mention the routine stop for fresh jerky on the way in. Well, I don't eat the stuff, but, the owner sells pistachios and other nuts among his variety of flavored jerky treats. 

While out there, I managed to stop by a yard sale or two. The town locals are always friendly. They speak about Vegas as if it is Hollywood. In a cute town, where you can still see horses and awesome silver bullet trailers, I can only imagine the Vegas strip is the nearest great get away for them. After all, Vegas is the city of lights....

As for me, I prefer to head out into the sunset, in the opposite direction, to get away from the glitz & glamour. I hop into my mini & head out to the little town over the hump. For me, it's like Christmas. You never know what surprises are waiting for you under the tree. 

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