Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A while ago, I made and posted a video to You Tube just for fun. At that time, I was selling my art at 'In Every Corner' here in Las Vegas. If you are at all familiar with Vegas, IEC was located on Ft. Apache & W. Charleston. The store owners are awesome friends of mine, who I love dearly. Unfortunately, we are all familiar with the economic down turn and the effect it has had on businesses of all types. IEC closed its' doors in August of 2010. 

Since then, I have stored PaisleyGirl pieces at home and have continued to work on additional items. Yet, I slowed down considerably, due to work and other responsibilities. (LIFE calls & you answer, right?) 

So now, I have decided to offer PG on the world wide web. I am putting it all out there for the entire world to see! PG is fun and is super easy to become addicted to looking at. The colors are mesmerizing. Most pieces are salvaged and up-cycled. When I look at a dilapidated furniture piece, I see a finished PG product. Full of vibrant color; bringing it back to a new life. 

Painting is my passion. Because I am an earth sign and care about our beautiful mother earth, I rescue furniture, lamp shades, practically anything & turn them into treasures. Saving them from a ghastly demise in a landfill some where. Each piece is different and truly hard to duplicate. But, that is ok & that is what makes them even more special. They are unique, just like the earth itself.

So, the next time you go to throw whatever it is out, listen to the little voice inside your head...."somewhere out there, somebody wants me....."

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