Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scarves and Baubles: a true love affair

When I look around at my collection of 'stuff ', I can't help but wonder where all of it will end up upon my demise? Will I live long enough to auction it off myself? Or will my boys marry glamorous women with a passion for fashion like their momma....
Then again, this isn't your regular Target stuff we're talking here. This stuff has defined me for ages. It's the stuff that made a trip out here from New Jersey, met up with the cousins in Vegas that stopped in for coffee in the closet and never left.
The cousins invited their friends, and their friends invited theirs, and it became a family affair. Teen-aged scarves grew up and had baby scarves of their own. Some scarves married hats and they multiplied by the dozen. Everyone was checking everyone out. Before you knew it, there were gloves, shoes, purses, coats, tops, skirts, and dresses all over my closet.
The accessories have multiplied and taken over. They are of all ages and colors. There are fat ones and skinny ones. Tall and short ones. There is the bright and colorful personality mixed in with the dark, mysterious one.
I love them all. Unfortunately for them, there's not enough of me to go around. Still, we manage. I find occasions to show them love and allow them the spotlight. I show them off and they receive well deserved compliments. This strokes their ego and after a day of being paraded, they are happy to quietly go back into storage.
Some of the family members are getting up there in age. Many of them manufactured in the late forties. They have identical sisters scattered throughout the earth. Some continue to live a good life in someone's closets.  Others have found their homes in storage boxes. Then there are the one's who have met their untimely demise in a landfill along the way.
I once counted my scarves. I have well over 200 in my collection. Most of them from decades of long ago. Necklaces? Another large number. Mostly vintage. That is what makes them so special to me.
For now, my 'stuff' will live here with me. There will come a day when they shall find a new home. A new Mrs. to call their own. I just hope that they stay within the family and are well taken care of. I will roll backwards in my cremation urn, should they carelessly and unlovingly become tossed back to the thrift store from which they came from......  :-)

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