Friday, April 29, 2011

SmackHippie Skulls

SmackHippie Skulls by Smack Hippie
SmackHippie Skulls, a photo by Smack Hippie on Flickr.

Sixties Vintage Hats at SmackHippie

Here are three hats which I own and are on display all year round. All from the sixties. I adore these hats and wish I had some place to where them, where I would not be stared at. I happen to think these are great fashion statement pieces. Then again, many would think they are perfect only for Halloween.

Women wore these daily back then. They wore them just "because." These days, a woman's idea of a fabulous hat is a baseball cap with a logo on it.

The embroidered, knit hat is extremely stylish. It is from the late sixties to seventies era. I refer to it as the hippie hat. It can be worn with almost anything. Perfect with a long summer dress or a pair of bell bottom jeans w/a suede belt. Or worn on a trip to the beach with a wicker purse to hold all your pretties.

Hats are fabulous. I wish we could go back in time and wear  hats that truly stand out and make a statement. Well, I still do. I just get lots of silly looks for my silly hats....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Duplicating Smack Hippie Skulls

Smack Hippie skulls are individually painted, as you all know. The names they are given are only a fun little marketing technique. For example, in this collection we have painted Skaty Perry, Skullony Depp, Jim Skarey, just to name a few.

Each Hippie Skull turns out different and unfortunately or fortunately,  it cannot be duplicated. As the skulls are being painted, they basically transform themselves. However, it can be somewhat replicated.

For instance, take SkaDonna. She happens to be one of my favorites. I love the color combinations on her. Rest assured that she will not be the only SkaDonna that becomes painted. We will have another one of her and another Skaty Perry. I am sure of it. They will look different from the skulls pictured. But, I promise they will not disappoint.

Please email any requests for colors combinations. We will do our smack best to accommodate your skull  needs....

Kitsch & Owls.

I do not have any idea where I found this. But, you know my heart skipped several beats when I stumbled upon it. I don't own this, except in picture form. That will have to do because, yeah. Good luck to me finding this baby anywhere, in this lifetime.
What is funny about it, is that I can visualize this clock painted red or purple or pink or lavender or yellow......See? There I go again, transforming everything. I have a sickness. And, it is brought to me by the good folks at Behr.

Owls? The ultimate kitschy koo-koo item from the seventies. They were collected in kitchens and living rooms all across America. An Owl accessory was a requirement in the home. Clocks, ashtrays, pictures, figurines. Owl kitsch was 'where it was at' back then.
Well, there were other birds, such as peasant birds which were equally craved. Peacocks reigned in the mid to late sixties. They were the must have on any chenille bedspread. Yes, of course there are my darling pink flamingoes. (Which in a previous blog, I wrote about why I cannot personally own even one.) They had their 15 minutes of fame during the fifties era. Have I left out any bird types? Yes. One. I think the movie 'The Birds' tried to popularize black ravens or crows. Whatever those things were. When you are from Jersey, you refer to those scary type birds as rats with wings. Just an FYI....In any event, they were popular alright. They will forever go down in history as the bird you affiliate with twisted and spooky Alfred Hitchcock type films. Nice. Poor birds and their bad rep.
On the other hand, Owls are like the cute, cuddly pets of the bird world. With their big eyes and long eyelashes. You just want to hold and pet them, like you do your dog. I swear owls can smile....and they dig good ol' rock and roll. Think about it. What other bird mentions 'The Who' in every sentence? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vintage Ferragamo at SmackHippie

At SmackHippie we heart shoes just as much as we do hippie skulls. A shame our skullies do not come with feet to much fun to be had.

In the upcoming days, we will be adding fabulous vintage pieces to the on line store for purchase. The site is a new one and we are working through some kinks and quirks.

Have a smack fabulous day everyone!!! :--)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

'Skeyonce' A Sk-diva Skull at Smackhippie

She's several shades of tangerine. Quite frankly, she reminds me of a creamsicle pop. Although this picture does not do her full justice, she really is awesome in person. Tomorrow we are scheduled to conduct a proper photo session for the 13 members of the Familia Skelter. All of which were individually painted over these last several days.

Duty called and all else was placed on hold. What a wonderful journey it has been. We chronicled our steps with some of the skull members via this blog. It allowed insight into the process of skull painting and how they uniquely transform as they meet their maker...(a paint brush.)

As I stare at them now, I must say, they are each lovely in their own right. Their names make me giggle and their colors remind me of how alive I am at this very moment. Well, actually, I am exhausted. The early mornings and long nights have caught up with me. Yet, somehow I can still manage to come up with ideas for the next Sk-guy or Sk-gal. These are secrets which cannot yet be revealed. In due time, my hippies, in due time.

Stay tuned for the next blog when we reveal the rest of the family......
And, as always, have a smackhippie day!!

SmackHippie Skulls - 'Skullate Middleton'

'Skullate Middleton' was beginning to look too much like Homey the Clown. We had to hurry and act fast. Get her back on track to the skull girl she is and not some scary clown. Don't get me wrong. I like clowns and they don't scare me. Its just that at SmackHippie, we specialize in skulls. Maybe later we can work on a 'Skullown'...?
The finishing touches
are coming together. Lot's of added hot pink keeps her in touch with her feminine side! Good thing, for she is almost there. And, wow she has lovely eyes.

And, as the paint dries and we finalize final details, she becomes skull royalty. What a pretty vision of white. It's a nice day for a white wedding.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Surprises at SmackHippie

Whoa!! This looks creepy, scary dude! But....follow the blog and watch the transformation of this sk-irl in the making. We promise, she will not disappoint. The only thing for sure about her, is her name. (Which is the surprise.)

We have a visual in our hippie head about what she will look like. Yet, again, the skulls take on their own look as they are being prepared. No doubt, this will be completed today!!

'Peace' all you hippie followers!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Smack Hippie Skulls

I have been asked how these skulls are 'vintage', let me explain.

The name of my blog speaks for itself. I adore all things retro, in particular, the sixties. It was a time of respectable fashion and a time of great change to go along with it. The sixties is marked as a revolutionary period, bringing us great music from the UK, along with great, political change.

There were the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and that famous, little concert called Woodstock. That is where the hippie skulls fit in. The skulls have all the colors and attitude of the time. They imitate the bohemian art etched on the exteriors of VW's and if they could smoke, they would.

Hippie skulls are all about the 1960's. They are all about individuality and colorful, carefree personalities. So, yes. In their own way, they are extremely vintage inspired. I think the inspiration is very evident when you look at them. Unless, of course, you were fortunate enough to have lived the sixties in full force, but, chose to do so underneath a rock......

The Making of 'Skelvis'

Skelvis. As he was being painted, he was changed up a little. We decided to remove the forehead crucifix and use a music note instead. For one, the skull was taking on a greenish-blue personality. The note was a glittery blue color. So, it was perfect. Also, Elvis remains the King of Rock. So, it was only appropriate to keep his theme musical. The back of his head has the word 'trapped.' He displays the fifties pastel blue colored rose, a symbol of the era in which he ruled. The pastel blue color that is. 
He also has glittery eyes to commemorate his glitzy, Las Vegas persona.  I think the King would be proud of his skull. At the very least, it would garner a good laugh from him. Elvis was a prankster and prided himself on his great sense of humor and generous ways. We are glad to give back to his memory.

He inspired millions. He is imitated by the thousands. Personally, I love Elvis. I hope you enjoy this post and that it made you smile. After all, that is what the hippie skulls are all about.....

With that said, I thank you for reading. "Thank you very much :---)"

Skulls @

Meet 'Sk-axl Rose.'

The weekend is winding down and so is the making of the seven hippie skulls. These will be reviewed for Q/A and labeled. They will be shipped over to Red Handed Tattoo Gallery, LV NV this week. The last guy left in production is 'Skelvis.'

The next assignment will be skulls for the Fukuburger Truck, LV, NV. Rumor has it there is something awesome awaiting one of those sk-guys. They say you can tell lots about someone through their eyes.....

Skulls @

Dear Mr. Ska-niro:

It's amazing what a trip to the skull dentist can do!

Kindest regards.

SmackHippie VIntage

What is the allure of a vintage dress? Perhaps it is the prized feeling of finding a true one of a kind. Perhaps it is the feel of the fabric and craftsmanship. Perhaps it is the mystery of where that dress came from. Was it worn to a historical event? Was it previously owned by a Hollywood starlet?

Collecting vintage is more than a hobby for me. It is a lifestyle. I spend countless hours at thrift shops digging for treasures. At times they come in the form of a dress. Other times, in the form of a purse or a household kitsch item.

All vintage treasures have a hidden story. Regardless of the story, I become the new proud owner. I walk away with my trophy, thinking of how and where I can wear it. Living in Las Vegas, I am surrounded with images of vintage Sin City. Sometimes when I am driving through the older streets in town, I imagine Bugsy Siegel smoking his cigar, shooting pool in his Vegas estate.

What if this purse I am using today belonged to one of his mistresses.....? Or if he purchased it for a cocktail waitress as a gift of gratitude. I will never know. But, coming down from my delusions of antique grandeur, I am happy just to own some retro coolness.

For more on my vintage finds, check out my channel:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Smack Hippie Skulls - "Nicholas Sk-age"

This weekend is Easter. We are painting eggs with the little kiddies. We are painting skulls with the big kiddies. During my previous blog, I mentioned what a blast it is, watching these grinning skulls make their way out of the box they shipped in; make it's way to the 'production line' and become a somebody.

These skulls sold at In Every Corner, LV, NV, during 2009-2010. They generated very mixed reactions. Many liberal, artsy types found them to be 'F-in cool' and 'awesome.' The more conservative personalities were afraid of them and often times, offended. They were quick to admit that they did not see the art in them. Apparently, those folks have never traveled south of the border or ever heard of a tiny holiday called Day of the Dead.

Art is in the eye of the beholder. At least I think that way. Then, again, I see art in practically everything. I find it wonderful when someone appreciates the true beauty of a PaisleyGirl piece. Whether it is a refurbished, vintage table or one of these lovely hippie skulls. It tells a lot about where another person's mind can be.....

PaisleyGirl art is not going to appeal to everyone. We understand that. Not everyone favors color and some find skulls and crosses to be sacrilegious. ( I just had to spell check that one, LOL) As religion holds a personal view point in every human's heart, art holds the same qualities for many. What appeals to one, often times does not appeal to another.

I know of many individuals who absolutely 'heart' these skulls. If you love color, you appreciate artistic qualities in things, or just like gothic type art, then these are for you to enjoy. Above, you have a photo of 'Nicholas Sk-age' in the making. I can't wait to meet the completed 'Sk-guy'.....

Evolution of a PGL Skull

They start out looking weird. A mish mosh of colors stylishly blended together to deliver an end result which borders a three dimensional tie-dyed effect. They each take on a distinct personality, making every skull unique in design. The three phases: conception, formation, full development eerily imitate life.
What a beautiful concept. So, without further a do, please meet "Ska-Donna."

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Mother of All Skulls

"Yellow Rose" by PaisleyGirl for