Saturday, April 9, 2011

Color, Color, Color

It really does make the world go round. Many customers who purchase PaisleyGirl pieces are beyond thrilled to own them. Each individual piece is one of a kind and rich with color. With PaisleyGirl, the artist happily marries the rainbow to the pot of gold. Hues of yellow and orange blend in with fuschias and blues. Such a broad array of colors daringly combined, create something reminiscent of the sixties hippie movement. A time when people were care free and were inspired by the natural beauty of the earth.
Customers repeatedly tell me how 'happy' their new purchase makes them. They comment on how 'awesome' the art work is. The color choices invoke a smiling heart and calm the spirit. I know this first hand from being around these items.

I am pleased to feature PGL on my web page and to offer them a permanent home. Check out the line and feel free to comment on them. Better yet, make it a point to ship one home. They are affordable. They are awesome. They are PaisleyGirl.

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