Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kitsch & Owls.

I do not have any idea where I found this. But, you know my heart skipped several beats when I stumbled upon it. I don't own this, except in picture form. That will have to do because, yeah. Good luck to me finding this baby anywhere, in this lifetime.
What is funny about it, is that I can visualize this clock painted red or purple or pink or lavender or yellow......See? There I go again, transforming everything. I have a sickness. And, it is brought to me by the good folks at Behr.

Owls? The ultimate kitschy koo-koo item from the seventies. They were collected in kitchens and living rooms all across America. An Owl accessory was a requirement in the home. Clocks, ashtrays, pictures, figurines. Owl kitsch was 'where it was at' back then.
Well, there were other birds, such as peasant birds which were equally craved. Peacocks reigned in the mid to late sixties. They were the must have on any chenille bedspread. Yes, of course there are my darling pink flamingoes. (Which in a previous blog, I wrote about why I cannot personally own even one.) They had their 15 minutes of fame during the fifties era. Have I left out any bird types? Yes. One. I think the movie 'The Birds' tried to popularize black ravens or crows. Whatever those things were. When you are from Jersey, you refer to those scary type birds as rats with wings. Just an FYI....In any event, they were popular alright. They will forever go down in history as the bird you affiliate with twisted and spooky Alfred Hitchcock type films. Nice. Poor birds and their bad rep.
On the other hand, Owls are like the cute, cuddly pets of the bird world. With their big eyes and long eyelashes. You just want to hold and pet them, like you do your dog. I swear owls can smile....and they dig good ol' rock and roll. Think about it. What other bird mentions 'The Who' in every sentence? 

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