Thursday, April 21, 2011

PaisleyGirl Skulls

"I grew up with the images of the skulls from Grateful Dead albums and was never particularly moved
by them. Living out West, you are surrounded by images of Day of the Dead/Sugar Skulls. It has been over the last few years I have learned to appreciate their beauty."

"For me, the skulls I paint represent a soul, an individual who has passed on. After my grandmother's funeral, I went nuts painting a lot of them. She was a big fan of my work and I hold those memories of showing her my latest project(s) very dear. Her reactions were priceless. Each skull is truly in memory of her."

"There is plenty of fun to be had painting these, because, you see, they all turn out different. It is quite hard to emulate my work. I can target the color combinations & final design, but, they still turn out different. And, that is ok. I can't even imagine mass producing a PGL skull. Unless, I someday become commissioned by a WalMart or Target and sell out. (laughs) But, these are all individually hand painted and mass production or a repeat skull(s) would take the fun out of it for me."

"I have a real life so I paint when I can. I do go through 'painter's block' but find my creative juices to over flow when I am stress free and rested. That pretty much goes for many artists. There are those who function well during chaos. I guess I can and have also, I just prefer not to. My mind wanders off and I lose focus. Except that most of the time, I am viewing the world in repainted status and coloring it as I go by....It's sick. I want to paint everything, all the time. "

"Nope, I cannot draw. Tried so many times but, just don't have the talent. I wish I did. Drawing is a natural talent, you know? I come from a family where most everyone can draw. Very creative parents. I guess my gift came in different forms. I am transforming life around me all the time. I have some wicked ideas. I can paint like nobody's business, though. They can't put it together visually like I can."

Excerpts from conversations about PGL for SmackHippie over the years.

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