Thursday, April 21, 2011

PGL Skulls @ Red Handed Tattoo Gallery, LVNV

In Vegas, they say it is all about who you know. Apparently I moved next door to the right guy many years ago. He recently introduced me to one of his business associates. A tattoo shop. The greatest place on earth to showcase the PaisleyGirl Skulls.

Here they are. The three musketeers. All waiting at their temporary home at Red Handed.....just itching to find a permanent one forever. They are located right 'smack' in the front of the shop. The shop itself, is the cleanest and most eye appealing I have seen out here yet. Located at 8665 W. Flamingo, you are greeted with glorious artwork which leads all the way into the back rooms. The shop boasts roomy, private areas where you can get your ink on and the owner/staff are super friendly. I was impressed with how down to earth everyone is at RHTG.

Every Wednesday night, the crew at Fukuburger head over to RHTG and create a party in the parking lot. Literally. Those guys keep burgers and fries fun. That's for sure. The crowd turnout is enormous and the customer demographic ranges from all walks of life. That right guy had the right idea. And, all he needed was a burger and a dream to take off. You can follow Fukuburger on Twitter and view their weekly schedule. The food is phenomenal. But, you will just have to taste it for yourself to find out.....

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