Friday, April 29, 2011

Sixties Vintage Hats at SmackHippie

Here are three hats which I own and are on display all year round. All from the sixties. I adore these hats and wish I had some place to where them, where I would not be stared at. I happen to think these are great fashion statement pieces. Then again, many would think they are perfect only for Halloween.

Women wore these daily back then. They wore them just "because." These days, a woman's idea of a fabulous hat is a baseball cap with a logo on it.

The embroidered, knit hat is extremely stylish. It is from the late sixties to seventies era. I refer to it as the hippie hat. It can be worn with almost anything. Perfect with a long summer dress or a pair of bell bottom jeans w/a suede belt. Or worn on a trip to the beach with a wicker purse to hold all your pretties.

Hats are fabulous. I wish we could go back in time and wear  hats that truly stand out and make a statement. Well, I still do. I just get lots of silly looks for my silly hats....

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