Saturday, April 23, 2011

Smack Hippie Skulls - "Nicholas Sk-age"

This weekend is Easter. We are painting eggs with the little kiddies. We are painting skulls with the big kiddies. During my previous blog, I mentioned what a blast it is, watching these grinning skulls make their way out of the box they shipped in; make it's way to the 'production line' and become a somebody.

These skulls sold at In Every Corner, LV, NV, during 2009-2010. They generated very mixed reactions. Many liberal, artsy types found them to be 'F-in cool' and 'awesome.' The more conservative personalities were afraid of them and often times, offended. They were quick to admit that they did not see the art in them. Apparently, those folks have never traveled south of the border or ever heard of a tiny holiday called Day of the Dead.

Art is in the eye of the beholder. At least I think that way. Then, again, I see art in practically everything. I find it wonderful when someone appreciates the true beauty of a PaisleyGirl piece. Whether it is a refurbished, vintage table or one of these lovely hippie skulls. It tells a lot about where another person's mind can be.....

PaisleyGirl art is not going to appeal to everyone. We understand that. Not everyone favors color and some find skulls and crosses to be sacrilegious. ( I just had to spell check that one, LOL) As religion holds a personal view point in every human's heart, art holds the same qualities for many. What appeals to one, often times does not appeal to another.

I know of many individuals who absolutely 'heart' these skulls. If you love color, you appreciate artistic qualities in things, or just like gothic type art, then these are for you to enjoy. Above, you have a photo of 'Nicholas Sk-age' in the making. I can't wait to meet the completed 'Sk-guy'.....

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