Sunday, April 24, 2011

Smack Hippie Skulls

I have been asked how these skulls are 'vintage', let me explain.

The name of my blog speaks for itself. I adore all things retro, in particular, the sixties. It was a time of respectable fashion and a time of great change to go along with it. The sixties is marked as a revolutionary period, bringing us great music from the UK, along with great, political change.

There were the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and that famous, little concert called Woodstock. That is where the hippie skulls fit in. The skulls have all the colors and attitude of the time. They imitate the bohemian art etched on the exteriors of VW's and if they could smoke, they would.

Hippie skulls are all about the 1960's. They are all about individuality and colorful, carefree personalities. So, yes. In their own way, they are extremely vintage inspired. I think the inspiration is very evident when you look at them. Unless, of course, you were fortunate enough to have lived the sixties in full force, but, chose to do so underneath a rock......

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