Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Smackhippie and A Bag.

When I go to the store, any store, I take my own bag. Or a purse large enough to hold the kitchen sink. Lord knows I own plenty. With all the important emphasis placed on 'going green' and recycling, it is only proper and politically correct.

So, now I ask the question. Why do sales clerks look at me funny when I say the words "No bag please." I can't tell you how many times I have said those words over and over during check out, only to end up watching the clerk place my items in a bag.....Are you serious? Either my voice is too little (unlikely for a Jersey girl) or they are plain deaf. Also unlikely.

This seems to happen more and more everywhere I go. I recently purchased very small items at a drapery store. I very kindly informed the clerk of my 'no bag please' policy. The clerk looked at me as if I were speaking a foreign language. He mumbled something or another and I said "pardon me sir?" He responded with a slightly strange 'No problem.' Seconds later he asked me if I was certain I did not want a bag for my purchase.  I smiled and said "No. But, thanks anyway." I then dropped my small purchase into my lovely and large straw purse, along with my paper receipt. Odd.

I am a Virgo. I am an earth sign. Connected to Mother Nature from birth. Or conception. You choose. I simply do not need an oversized plastic bag for a three inch item. But, thanks for double checking guy. As I come down from my soap box, I end this blog by saying this. Non-baggers of the world unite and take over. Where recycling everything and anything is fashionably and artistically correct.

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