Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SmackHippie Skulls - 'Skullate Middleton'

'Skullate Middleton' was beginning to look too much like Homey the Clown. We had to hurry and act fast. Get her back on track to the skull girl she is and not some scary clown. Don't get me wrong. I like clowns and they don't scare me. Its just that at SmackHippie, we specialize in skulls. Maybe later we can work on a 'Skullown'...?
The finishing touches
are coming together. Lot's of added hot pink keeps her in touch with her feminine side! Good thing, for she is almost there. And, wow she has lovely eyes.

And, as the paint dries and we finalize final details, she becomes skull royalty. What a pretty vision of white. It's a nice day for a white wedding.....

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