Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A SmackHippie Studio

On any given day, this is what the studio looks like at SmackHippie.com. Rows of vintage clothing. Displays of jewelry. Hats, along with purses collected everywhere. It's a fun place indeed and, there are so many fantastic goodies from eras past.

Looking at some of these pieces, makes you wonder what ever happened to style. When housewives properly dressed to cook the family dinner and donned aprons to protect their frock. We have all seen the images of Susie homemaker vacuuming in 2" heels. Sure, the fashion magazine's of today boast a variety of goods. And, as long as we have humans breathing, fashion will always be around. A little movie starring Anne Hathaway, cleared up any existing confusion regarding all fashion matters.  Or rumors claiming fashion was dead. Or dying.

The industry is a multi-billion dollar establishment. It incorporates everything from cosmetics down to the very socks we wear. Fashion is such a lucrative endeavor, that Grammy earning artists and Oscar nominees, all want a piece of the pie. Well, of course, some of them have greater talents when it comes to hemming a skirt. Others have had to 'throw in the silk' and focus on their day job.

My fashion revolves around the world of vintage everything and anything. I cannot exactly explain why that is. Yet, it has always been my interest from youngster years. At seven years old, I could not wait to finally grow up. I coveted both my aunt and mom's closets. I literally opened up the door and stared at the candy I could not eat. This would go on for hours. I spent hours in my room designing clothes for my paper dolls. Carefully tracing them and sorting the paper clothes by color and item.

Now, I stare into my own closet and wonder how I managed to collect well over 300 dresses from the fifties, sixties and seventies. (Minus the pieces left behind in cross country moves or lost/donated along the way.) The eighties era does not particularly interest me. I got over bicycle shorts many moons ago. In fact, I own very little from those days.

Walking into SmackHippie Studios is like watching that old Hollywood glam unfold before your very eyes. There are days, you simply cannot walk from one side to the other without bumping into Miss Vanity Fair or Miss Enid Collins. I still would not have it any other way.....

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