Sunday, April 24, 2011

SmackHippie VIntage

What is the allure of a vintage dress? Perhaps it is the prized feeling of finding a true one of a kind. Perhaps it is the feel of the fabric and craftsmanship. Perhaps it is the mystery of where that dress came from. Was it worn to a historical event? Was it previously owned by a Hollywood starlet?

Collecting vintage is more than a hobby for me. It is a lifestyle. I spend countless hours at thrift shops digging for treasures. At times they come in the form of a dress. Other times, in the form of a purse or a household kitsch item.

All vintage treasures have a hidden story. Regardless of the story, I become the new proud owner. I walk away with my trophy, thinking of how and where I can wear it. Living in Las Vegas, I am surrounded with images of vintage Sin City. Sometimes when I am driving through the older streets in town, I imagine Bugsy Siegel smoking his cigar, shooting pool in his Vegas estate.

What if this purse I am using today belonged to one of his mistresses.....? Or if he purchased it for a cocktail waitress as a gift of gratitude. I will never know. But, coming down from my delusions of antique grandeur, I am happy just to own some retro coolness.

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