Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vintage Finds

One of my vintage thrift finds in Sin City. 1960's sea shell peacock, inlaid in red velvet w/a wooden frame. Aside from one missing shell, it is in smack fabulous condition.

Sunday & a Vegas Diner

Tonight we took a ride over to Shari's Diner, on N. Buffalo/Lk. Meade. So many times that I have passed by and wanted to stop off to check things out. When I walked in, who else, but the king of rock and roll was shaking things up on the jukebox. What a jukebox, I must add. I had the pleasure of being seated directly in front of it.

The waitress was very friendly and genuinely nice. Something I look for when I do go out to eat. The atmosphere was reminiscent of the diners' I grew up with back in Jersey. The menu was diner fabulous and the decor, rocking.

My son got a kick out of the retro plastic catsup & mustard containers. Most of all, he thought the table top juke boxes were a riot. He was born into the amazing world of technology and has never really seen a working jukebox. We inserted our quarter and got our two plays. Both Elvis, of course. All at the request of the kid who recognizes 'The King' every time.....

What a great place. If only Vegas had more diners for retro buffs like me. We should have them within 5 miles of each other. In a town which hosts Viva Las Vegas Weekend every year, you would think that would be the case. Sadly, it isn't. Instead, we are saturated with buffets and fast food places.

Perhaps that is an idea waiting to become a reality. Maybe downtown where all the artsy fun takes place.  Pretty sure that would make a giant killing. Hmmm. Maybe that is something I need to explore further. Anybody want to open a fifties diner ? Just say the word. I am in.....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dummies in Vegas

 Who says we don't have real dummies in Vegas?? Recently I ventured down to Las Vegas Mannequins here in our very own sin city. The purpose? To purchase a mannequin, of course. Not just any mannequin. It had to be something fabulous that I could make even more so. This store is amazing. If your are not afraid of getting in touch with your inner dummy, then this is certainly the place for you. 

Rooms of mannequins will greet you in silence as you walk through. They also have a variety of dress forms, and excess body parts for sale. The pricing is quite affordable. The sales are attractive and they have them frequently.
I had to giggle when I was there at some of the 'endowed' ladies in the showroom. I will not elaborate on that one. I'll just leave it to your imagination....
I am still working on 'Hippie Chic' w/her 'Hippie Sleeve'....check out pics of her on the SmackHippie web site  She is a work in progress. My imagination is capable of anything. So follow the blog and watch her evolve. As for the manni-nakedness in the pics, she is the ultimate hippie. She prances around au-naturel & freaks out the members of my household. Paying tribute to the free & loving sixties. What else is a Hippie Chic to do?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nancy SKullatra is a goner......

www.smackhippie.comThis little lady has found herself a new home. She is making one other lovely lady very happy. I think my customers that purchase these skulls are amazing people. Coincidentally, the young lady who purchased NS at Vegas strEATs this past weekend, kind of resembled her Hippie Skull. Only in the esoteric sense that her rockabilly hair was adorned in red roses. Not that she had a blue face or red glittery eyes or anything... :-)
These are the guys over at Red Handed Tattoo Gallery, setting up the booth for the evening. Their booth boasts a plethora of art work from the artist's at the  gallery. Let me just add, that being around this work, up close & personal, makes me want to get more tattoos......
The best part is that I am having so much fun and meeting so many GREAT people! The fest was a blast and the fireworks display was spectacular. Downtown Vegas is doing a great job of competing with The Strip. Only in a different capacity. I did not get to walk around much this time, but from the booth, I was able to take it all in.Ok, gotta run & continue painting some awesome skulls for next First Friday, which is only a couple of weeks away. With Father's day coming up, I am painting this next batch on the more 'masculine' side. However, I do have 'Skullackie Kennedy' almost ready to make her debut. Not necessarily 'masculine', but she is turning into something else......Catch you guys up next time. As always, stay Smack Fab!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hippie Blog at

I posted a new entry to the Hippie Blog at
I will be back tomorrow to post pics of last night's strEATs Fest.....fireworks and all.....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Vegas StrEats Fest May 14, 2011

Meet me on the street! I will be at the festival w/my fabulous Hippie Skulls. We will be hanging with the awesome peeps at Red Handed Tattoo Gallery, Cornerstone Art Gallery, & Fukuburger, among others. A great night awaits. Don't miss out!  ....... is all ready to go! Enjoy the eye candy.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The wait is almost over. We are finally almost there. We gave ourselves a target of midnight last night. Just when we thought we were going to make it, we started running into computer problems. After a long night, we realized some of the entered descriptions & SKU numbers were not saved. For those of you who have designed a website, you understand how tedious & time consuming the process is. For those of you who have not, trust me, you are not missing anything exciting!!

So, it's off to fight with SKU's again. The next time I blog (later today) I want to announce that we are live.  I will leave you with images of this awesome Sixties dress.....This piece is darling. The colors are vibrant and perfect for a day at the office. Or wherever it is you wish to stay in tuned to your Sixties side.

Have a smack fabulous day everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Changes at

Changes are coming and change is good! If you log on to our existing website this very moment, you will find that we have removed items, etc. We are working diligently towards upgrading our site and making it much more user friendly. I have received several emails inquiring about Hippie Skulls and why they are not featured on the site. 

During last weeks' FIrst Friday, we had 22 skulls with us for the event. We pulled inventory from all areas to have merchandise for that evening. Good news is that the Hippie Skulls will now have their own page (!) on the site and that phase is near completion. 

So, for those of you itching to get your hippie hands on a skull, don't despair. Help is on it's way! :-) Until then, if you are interested in one of the skulls previewed last Friday, email me for a private showing via email. 

Yours truly, truly.
(Yes, I meant to say that)


Friday, May 6, 2011

First Friday @ Cornerstone Art Gallery, Las Vegas

...was a success! So many great reactions to the Hippie Skulls and several of them sold. Can you ask for a better night? The skulls are spread out right now. Some are currently available for purchase at Red Handed Tattoo Gallery #8665 W. Flamingo (across from Albertson's shopping center.) Within the next few days, I will have Hippie Skulls back on our website.

Thank you to each and every one of you, for being so wonderful and loving the skulls. They are so much fun to make. I enjoy watching the expressions on people's faces and hearing all of the comments and feedback. I love to see and hear how this person likes this one and that person likes that one..... Each Hippie Skull generates a different reaction. A reaction as individual as the skull him or herself.

A very special thank you to Phil Limon, Dusty & Lou The Barber at Red Handed, and Colin at Fukuburger, for all of your support and inspiration.

Follow the Hippie blog and follow us on Twitter. As always, contact me for colors and availability.

'Skaty Perry' currently available at Red Handed Tattoo Gallery, Las Vegas

Ok, until next time! Sending you all peace and love.......

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Yes, yes, yes! We did it. Just a little bit of fine tuning and we are ready for tomorrow night. I must admit, this batch of Hippies was a challenge. We have painted 24 skulls within the last 12 days. That is an average of 2 per day, while ensuring that each one became it's own identity.

Happy Cinco de Mayo :-)
from the Hippies.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hippie Skulls at First Friday, Las Vegas

Here is a sneak peek at what will be making the trip down to Cornerstone Art Gallery this First Friday. In this batch of Hippie Skulls we have created our Martin 'Skore'. He is to the far left of the photo, sporting the signature mohawk from Playing The Angel tour. Love him....xoxoxo

Hippie Skulls: Mr. & Mrs. Mayor

First Friday in Las Vegas is quickly approaching. Rumor has it that two high profile individuals will be in attendance. They are 'Skulloscar and Skarolyn' Goodman, the King and Queen of Sin City.

We thought it would be appropriate and in great fun, to paint the mayor and his wife in Hippie form. My marketing guru friend, Harriet, has placed the call to his office to extend the invite to make a stop at Cornerstone that evening and meet himself.....How funny!!!

Read our blog for further developments on the progress of the Hippie Skulls.

Peace my hippies :-)

Monday, May 2, 2011

'Skullenstein'....Is it Halloween Already?

Skulls At

Ok. So,,,, not really sure how this happened. But......our little green sk-guy is now evolving into a Hippie version of 'Skullenstein.' He is still a work in progress. I just tweeted about how scary he is. Then I threw in the part about not taking skull life so seriously.....! Boo! Too funny.

(PS) I do have to say that in this case, he REALLY DOES look better in person :-)

The Sexy Sixties

Could there have been a more sexier decade than the sixties? Wow wee..... The sixties exploded with skin galore. Clothing became skimpier and tighter. Hairstyles were much more striking than in decades past, complimenting that heavy eyeliner worn by females. The guys were sporting longer, shaggy hair to compliment their casual look. Gone were the days of gentlemen tipping their hat for a lady. Only because hats were no longer a requirement in the male dress code.

Mini skirts and go-go boots. Colored suede and hip huggers. Two piece bikinis and lower cleavage lines. Bold patterns and famous designers. Louder and faster music to sip cocktails to. Even the cocktails were sexy......

Home decor was something worth revisiting decades later. Actually, did the design/decor elements of the sexy decade ever go out of style? In my opinion, they only went to sleep, for it took lots of energy to be an orange, velvet couch. Or red or purple. Uh, even the sound of that sounds sexy.....

Elvis and Priscilla had that famous red velvet couch at Graceland. If you have never had the opportunity to venture over there, just google it. You'll see what I'm referring to. And, on that note, don't get me started on those two hotties.The duo were the epitome of Sixties sexy time....meow.

A Devotee's Obsession.

Anyone and everyone who knows me, respects my massive 'devotee' status in life. (Gigantor Depeche Mode fan.) I have a 5 1/2" inch tattoo on my right calf to commemorate my passion. It is also in direct memory of my beloved, late grandmother who inspired the Hippie Skulls.

Actions speak louder than words? I do believe many times that rings true. The above pic is of the one and only Martin L. 'Sk-ore in his SmackHippie glory. Only in the preliminary stages, he should be wrapped up by this time tomorrow. I am not sure how he will turn out in terms of color combinations. What I do know is that he is going to be fun to work on. I love him already, but silence is golden. We'll let his final debut do the talking!! :-)  It's where the skulls are at.....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Colorful Sixties

I am always looking for photos which show off non-traditional color combinations and highlight the festive sixties character. In gazing at this photo (probably taken at Woodstock) it is clear how the hippie movement used vibrant color form to create the message of peace and harmony. Although the colors are vibrant, they invoke a deep sense of love and unity.

Moving past the 'psychedelic' wheel of the rainbow, we see how color became combined with a classical pattern throughout the decade. Thus, creating the look of the elegant sixties woman which we continue to admire today. The dresses alone are breathtaking. Add the rainbow and magic is created.

Skull Invasion-Prepping for Cornerstone Art Gallery, LV NV

And the fun begins all over again! Phase II of Hippie Skull Madness is taking over my kitchen. The showing at Cornerstone Art Gallery is this Friday. Follow the blog and the hippiness, to watch these beauties transform into skuys and skals. We are excited for First Friday and will be working on these everyday until they are awesome.What can I say? The pressure is on. Somewhere in this hippie batch, we have an Angelina Skullie and a Martin Skore. We'll just have to wait and see which one becomes who....  For now, it is off to rest our own hippie skulls and reset our creative funk for morning hippie madness. :--)