Monday, May 9, 2011

Changes at

Changes are coming and change is good! If you log on to our existing website this very moment, you will find that we have removed items, etc. We are working diligently towards upgrading our site and making it much more user friendly. I have received several emails inquiring about Hippie Skulls and why they are not featured on the site. 

During last weeks' FIrst Friday, we had 22 skulls with us for the event. We pulled inventory from all areas to have merchandise for that evening. Good news is that the Hippie Skulls will now have their own page (!) on the site and that phase is near completion. 

So, for those of you itching to get your hippie hands on a skull, don't despair. Help is on it's way! :-) Until then, if you are interested in one of the skulls previewed last Friday, email me for a private showing via email. 

Yours truly, truly.
(Yes, I meant to say that)


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