Friday, May 20, 2011

Dummies in Vegas

 Who says we don't have real dummies in Vegas?? Recently I ventured down to Las Vegas Mannequins here in our very own sin city. The purpose? To purchase a mannequin, of course. Not just any mannequin. It had to be something fabulous that I could make even more so. This store is amazing. If your are not afraid of getting in touch with your inner dummy, then this is certainly the place for you. 

Rooms of mannequins will greet you in silence as you walk through. They also have a variety of dress forms, and excess body parts for sale. The pricing is quite affordable. The sales are attractive and they have them frequently.
I had to giggle when I was there at some of the 'endowed' ladies in the showroom. I will not elaborate on that one. I'll just leave it to your imagination....
I am still working on 'Hippie Chic' w/her 'Hippie Sleeve'....check out pics of her on the SmackHippie web site  She is a work in progress. My imagination is capable of anything. So follow the blog and watch her evolve. As for the manni-nakedness in the pics, she is the ultimate hippie. She prances around au-naturel & freaks out the members of my household. Paying tribute to the free & loving sixties. What else is a Hippie Chic to do?

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