Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nancy SKullatra is a goner......

www.smackhippie.comThis little lady has found herself a new home. She is making one other lovely lady very happy. I think my customers that purchase these skulls are amazing people. Coincidentally, the young lady who purchased NS at Vegas strEATs this past weekend, kind of resembled her Hippie Skull. Only in the esoteric sense that her rockabilly hair was adorned in red roses. Not that she had a blue face or red glittery eyes or anything... :-)
These are the guys over at Red Handed Tattoo Gallery, setting up the booth for the evening. Their booth boasts a plethora of art work from the artist's at the  gallery. Let me just add, that being around this work, up close & personal, makes me want to get more tattoos......
The best part is that I am having so much fun and meeting so many GREAT people! The fest was a blast and the fireworks display was spectacular. Downtown Vegas is doing a great job of competing with The Strip. Only in a different capacity. I did not get to walk around much this time, but from the booth, I was able to take it all in.Ok, gotta run & continue painting some awesome skulls for next First Friday, which is only a couple of weeks away. With Father's day coming up, I am painting this next batch on the more 'masculine' side. However, I do have 'Skullackie Kennedy' almost ready to make her debut. Not necessarily 'masculine', but she is turning into something else......Catch you guys up next time. As always, stay Smack Fab!!

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