Monday, May 2, 2011

The Sexy Sixties

Could there have been a more sexier decade than the sixties? Wow wee..... The sixties exploded with skin galore. Clothing became skimpier and tighter. Hairstyles were much more striking than in decades past, complimenting that heavy eyeliner worn by females. The guys were sporting longer, shaggy hair to compliment their casual look. Gone were the days of gentlemen tipping their hat for a lady. Only because hats were no longer a requirement in the male dress code.

Mini skirts and go-go boots. Colored suede and hip huggers. Two piece bikinis and lower cleavage lines. Bold patterns and famous designers. Louder and faster music to sip cocktails to. Even the cocktails were sexy......

Home decor was something worth revisiting decades later. Actually, did the design/decor elements of the sexy decade ever go out of style? In my opinion, they only went to sleep, for it took lots of energy to be an orange, velvet couch. Or red or purple. Uh, even the sound of that sounds sexy.....

Elvis and Priscilla had that famous red velvet couch at Graceland. If you have never had the opportunity to venture over there, just google it. You'll see what I'm referring to. And, on that note, don't get me started on those two hotties.The duo were the epitome of Sixties sexy time....meow.

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