Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday & a Vegas Diner

Tonight we took a ride over to Shari's Diner, on N. Buffalo/Lk. Meade. So many times that I have passed by and wanted to stop off to check things out. When I walked in, who else, but the king of rock and roll was shaking things up on the jukebox. What a jukebox, I must add. I had the pleasure of being seated directly in front of it.

The waitress was very friendly and genuinely nice. Something I look for when I do go out to eat. The atmosphere was reminiscent of the diners' I grew up with back in Jersey. The menu was diner fabulous and the decor, rocking.

My son got a kick out of the retro plastic catsup & mustard containers. Most of all, he thought the table top juke boxes were a riot. He was born into the amazing world of technology and has never really seen a working jukebox. We inserted our quarter and got our two plays. Both Elvis, of course. All at the request of the kid who recognizes 'The King' every time.....

What a great place. If only Vegas had more diners for retro buffs like me. We should have them within 5 miles of each other. In a town which hosts Viva Las Vegas Weekend every year, you would think that would be the case. Sadly, it isn't. Instead, we are saturated with buffets and fast food places.

Perhaps that is an idea waiting to become a reality. Maybe downtown where all the artsy fun takes place.  Pretty sure that would make a giant killing. Hmmm. Maybe that is something I need to explore further. Anybody want to open a fifties diner ? Just say the word. I am in.....

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