Friday, June 24, 2011

Smack Hippie Thanks You!

The website is going well! All thanks to you, our 'Hippie' fan base. This blog post is dedicated to all of our customers who have embraced the diversity of Smack Hippie. You have purchased hippie skulls, wooden crosses, vintage items....the list goes on. . . 
For that, you are honored (*bowing my head*) in 'Hippie Ville' and I will continue to see many of you out and about! 
As always, stay SMACK FABULOUS! XXX

Thursday, June 2, 2011

'Skullackie Kennedy'

I'm back...! Only for a moment to say hello to all of you fabulous hippies, who read my blog. Been very busy w/projects and, well, life in general. With all that said, here is one of the Hippie Skulls I have worked on. Tomorrow is First Friday again here in Vegas. 'Skullackie Kennedy' will be hanging out with us, in all of her mourning glory.

I will be back w/pics. of the night.