Friday, October 25, 2013

how to use those head vases....

Head vases are beautiful. It is extremely rare to find them in thrift stores. I know. I have personally  searched high & low. I have paid visits to thrift shops all throughout the USA and have left empty handed. They can easily be found in antique malls and online by private vintage sellers, or Ebay & Etsy. I have picked up a few for about $40 and higher at antique shops. Choose a price point you wish to target and purchase one within that dollar range. Keep in mind, that not a large profit will be made if you want to buy these for individual resale. These are typically priced for sale to attract collectors. So, don't expect to make a large profit on of these beauties, unless you strike gold at a yard sale and find one grandma no longer has use for, for a few bucks. Forking out high double digits on one of these girls is a large investment for only a few dollars profit, agreed? Here are some lovely dames I scoped out on the internet recently.
Collecting antique furniture and vintage clothing is not only my hobby, it is my passion. I became aware of my attraction to all things retro when I was about 19. I have a trained vintage eye & can spot oldies from a mile away. As a result, I have collected some great items over the years. Here is some retro eye candy. Enjoy!

chalkware wall plaque 
enamel cookware

maribou slippers

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My aunt celebrated her big '6-0' this past summer. We went all out and hosted a giant surprise party for her. The outcome of the party was great. There was so much for her to take in & she cried, of course. My aunt likes to gamble, so we chose a casino theme and went with it. These are the decorations I made. (My son & my little cousins helped with the painting and cutting.)
Casino themed centerpieces

For the centerpieces I used laminated plastic popcorn containers I found at Dollar Tree. I spray painted them using Krylon paint for use on plastic surfaces. Each centerpiece had flowers, feathers, glitter, dice and playing cards.
A la Las Vegas!

Empty boxes were used to make over sized dice and they were displayed all over the floors & bar
top of the venue. After the party, we used the dice to transport left over goodies back home. Every now and then we'll bump into one in the garage. Inevitably, reminding us of that awesome night.
The decorations were a smash. I scattered paper money, along with playing cards & candy coins all over the tables where the guests were seated. Finally, there was the cake.... I looked at pics online of casino themed cakes, and designed this one using all of that inspiration. 
Now, I just need to reuse all of those playing cards in another project. I do have some ideas in mind. And, all I can say is that my ideas involve furniture and decoupage....!

Monday, October 21, 2013

I found you....

Recently, I paid a visit to the Salvation Army in my home town. I must say first off, that I feel fortunate to have one within a short distance. I can sleep easier at night knowing this :)

I love vintage Pyrex pieces and have acquired quite a collection. I will post a blog on that at a later date.  I have many bowls and cups in my collection. I have sold some and own some I will probably pass down to my kids. Then, again, who knows if my kids or their kid's will even care about this stuff. Either you love Pyrex or you hate it. There is no in between.

But, who cares? I look for Pyrex at every thrift store, yard sale, or a friend's mother's house. Hahh! So, during my shopping bliss, I found a Pyrex butter dish. I have searched for one for years. Now, understandably, I could easily purchase one online or at an antique mall somewhere. Lord knows collector's make that an easy task. But, I did not want that! I wanted to own one that I found on my own during my thrifting travels. And, voila! She appeared.

  • I got lucky & for $1.99 and a little Dawn dish detergent, I now own a piece that I will use for years to come.  To say that I got Pyrex lucky is an understatement.  I had to come all the way back to the east coast to find this beauty. Good things come to those who wait for sure.....

Day of The Dead

I am so bummed that Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)  is quickly approaching and I will not be on the West Coast to partake in the annual festivities. For the majority of my East Coast friends, I am always having to explain this sacred holiday & it's meaning. That is only because the tradition is not very popular on this side of the country.

Although the holiday is celebrated in Latin communities throughout the world, it is a day which originated in Mexico. Gatherings are held where the living honor and remember their departed family members, friends, and pets. The dead are memorialized in artistic skeleton forms and placed on ornate altars. These altars are assembled in ways to honor a loved one using decorative flowers, candy and candles.

The altars are a gorgeous, artistic and colorful expression of love. For me, it is one of the most respectful of ways to honor my grandmother and my departed kitty, MuMu.
Handmade sugar skulls are dedicated to the departed soul as a 'sweet treat' offering. Along with the traditional treats, other favored food and beverage items are placed in remembrance as well.

The celebration takes place from November 1 to the 2nd. Immediately following the American tradition of All Souls Day (aka. Halloween.) DOTD has been around for centuries; just like our beloved Hallows Eve. (Shhh...I secretly laugh when some people say the celebration is weird and scary to them.) Halloween is composed of ghouls, goblins & zombies. Thus, making it scary and dark. Celebrating death through this artistic form of expression & color,  certainly
lightens the grief load, if only for a moment. These colors are mesmerizing..... I took these photos at a celebration going back 2 years ago.

So there you have it. We all have a departed loved one or two.  This festive celebration would not be complete without them, so... celebrate the life of your dearly departed.  The dead can dance.......:)

Friday, October 18, 2013

I found part of the mini film I had worked on to promote my Hippie Skulls a while back. Yes, it is very much on the amateur side. But, it was so much fun spending the day w/my girl, Talkie Tina, her Ford & using the skulls as our subject matter....or did we use the Ford as the subject? Good times.....

New Beginnings......

A year ago, I said good bye to Las Vegas. I came back home to the East Coast to pursue some ideas and visions for my future. Primarily, I came back to pick up where I left off. To reconnect with family and friends. A lot of thought and fortitude was placed on my decision to return home. Many a sacrifice was made.....many. In the long run, I applied the same mind set I had when I left: Life is short and you must open the door of opportunity when you hear that knock in order to fulfill your goals.

In a nut shell, embarking on my Las Vegas journey remains an experience which I will forever treasure in my book of life. Relocating from one side of the country to another came with it's fair share of culture shock, to say the least. However, I grew into my new location and made it my home for 15 years. I was raised an East Coast 'city' girl, yet, I evolved & matured on the West Coast. I am better for it. I have experienced life in a way I never would have, had I not taken that giant leap of faith years ago.

When I first landed in Vegas, I had a hard time adjusting to what I perceived as a strong lack of culture. The truth is that today, there are things I do miss about good ol' Viva. Ironically, the art community which I became a big part of is one of them. The vintage shops galore & Rockabilly lifestyle which I surrounded myself with. Along with that gorgeous God given desert landscape...!!

So, the saying goes we do not know what we have until it is gone. I will move forward with this blog reflecting on my travels and sharing the retro & artful things which inspire me. For nothing is ever gone. It lingers and remains a part of who you are. Keep your motor running..... :)

Viva Le Vintage...
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