Friday, October 25, 2013

how to use those head vases....

Head vases are beautiful. It is extremely rare to find them in thrift stores. I know. I have personally  searched high & low. I have paid visits to thrift shops all throughout the USA and have left empty handed. They can easily be found in antique malls and online by private vintage sellers, or Ebay & Etsy. I have picked up a few for about $40 and higher at antique shops. Choose a price point you wish to target and purchase one within that dollar range. Keep in mind, that not a large profit will be made if you want to buy these for individual resale. These are typically priced for sale to attract collectors. So, don't expect to make a large profit on of these beauties, unless you strike gold at a yard sale and find one grandma no longer has use for, for a few bucks. Forking out high double digits on one of these girls is a large investment for only a few dollars profit, agreed? Here are some lovely dames I scoped out on the internet recently.

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