Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My aunt celebrated her big '6-0' this past summer. We went all out and hosted a giant surprise party for her. The outcome of the party was great. There was so much for her to take in & she cried, of course. My aunt likes to gamble, so we chose a casino theme and went with it. These are the decorations I made. (My son & my little cousins helped with the painting and cutting.)
Casino themed centerpieces

For the centerpieces I used laminated plastic popcorn containers I found at Dollar Tree. I spray painted them using Krylon paint for use on plastic surfaces. Each centerpiece had flowers, feathers, glitter, dice and playing cards.
A la Las Vegas!

Empty boxes were used to make over sized dice and they were displayed all over the floors & bar
top of the venue. After the party, we used the dice to transport left over goodies back home. Every now and then we'll bump into one in the garage. Inevitably, reminding us of that awesome night.
The decorations were a smash. I scattered paper money, along with playing cards & candy coins all over the tables where the guests were seated. Finally, there was the cake.... I looked at pics online of casino themed cakes, and designed this one using all of that inspiration. 
Now, I just need to reuse all of those playing cards in another project. I do have some ideas in mind. And, all I can say is that my ideas involve furniture and decoupage....!

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