Friday, October 18, 2013

New Beginnings......

A year ago, I said good bye to Las Vegas. I came back home to the East Coast to pursue some ideas and visions for my future. Primarily, I came back to pick up where I left off. To reconnect with family and friends. A lot of thought and fortitude was placed on my decision to return home. Many a sacrifice was made.....many. In the long run, I applied the same mind set I had when I left: Life is short and you must open the door of opportunity when you hear that knock in order to fulfill your goals.

In a nut shell, embarking on my Las Vegas journey remains an experience which I will forever treasure in my book of life. Relocating from one side of the country to another came with it's fair share of culture shock, to say the least. However, I grew into my new location and made it my home for 15 years. I was raised an East Coast 'city' girl, yet, I evolved & matured on the West Coast. I am better for it. I have experienced life in a way I never would have, had I not taken that giant leap of faith years ago.

When I first landed in Vegas, I had a hard time adjusting to what I perceived as a strong lack of culture. The truth is that today, there are things I do miss about good ol' Viva. Ironically, the art community which I became a big part of is one of them. The vintage shops galore & Rockabilly lifestyle which I surrounded myself with. Along with that gorgeous God given desert landscape...!!

So, the saying goes we do not know what we have until it is gone. I will move forward with this blog reflecting on my travels and sharing the retro & artful things which inspire me. For nothing is ever gone. It lingers and remains a part of who you are. Keep your motor running..... :)

Viva Le Vintage...
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